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Dues for 2023-2024 Year

Posted by cwinn on Sep 26 2023 - 3:54pm
Dues for this year will be $200 for each Scout and $60 for each registered Adult Leader and can be paid by check or through PayPal. The dues cover the following:
1. BSA registration costs, including national membership cost, chartering fees for the unit, council insurance and Scout Life magazine.
2. *NEW* National Capital Area Council participation fee. The Troop is subsidizing some of the added cost using surplus carryover from last year’s budget to spread the full increase for this fee over two years. You can find more information regarding this increase on the NCAC website. https://www.ncacbsa.org/participation-fee/
3. Administrative costs to support our website, Troopmaster subscription and maintenance of PayPal.
4. Programming costs associated with court of honor awards, quartermaster supplies, swim tests, leader training courses, and partial subsidies for Troop activities.
Dues should be paid no later than the October 3rd Troop meeting. We will provide details regarding the dues at the upcoming parent meeting.

Climboree spots available, registration closing

Posted by rberlett on Sep 15 2023 - 1:40pm

We have open slots now. So if you can make it that weekend, please sign up. 

Planning for that trip will begin at the 9/19 Troop meeting.

Court of Honor date

Posted by rberlett on Sep 15 2023 - 5:19am

The Court of Honor will happen during the September 26 meeting in the sanctuary.

IF you want to be awarded a rank, you need your requirements completed in time for a Board of Review on 9/19.

Bear Creek Lake State Park - swimming, fishing and archery

Posted by rberlett on Sep 8 2023 - 3:31am

We're still accepting additional Scouts to attend the campout at Bear Creek Lake on the weekend of 9/15-17.

But you must be signed up in time for Tuesday to be part of finishing the Patrol prep work.

Troop Meetings begin again August 29

Posted by rberlett on Aug 25 2023 - 6:33am

Welcome back! Troop meetings begin on Tuesday August 29. Gather after 7pm, with the meeting to begin at 7:15. Meeting behind the church or in the Scout room depending on the weather

PLC Meeting

Posted by rberlett on Aug 25 2023 - 6:33am

PLC Meeting Sunday at 7  with pizza served, in the Scout room

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